The Department of Biological Flow is an ongoing experimental dialogue of research-creation between Sean Smith and Barbara Fornssler. The name is an homage to George Lucas’ 1971 film, THX 1138.

#performance #installation #text #image #video #poetry #motioncapture #event
#relation #surveillance #control #movement #hospitality #ethics
#fragility #imagination #intermediality #tempo #energetics

Everything more or less falls apart in the end.

* * *

Sean Smith is an artist and writer living in Toronto. He holds a doctorate from the European Graduate School of Media and Communications in Switzerland and has exhibited and performed internationally. Most recently he was the inaugural Artist/Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Western Ontario’s Department of Visual Arts, where he hosted the solo exhibition D S NFORMAT ON: Threnody from the Vision Machine, 2001-2046. He currently teaches Site and Intervention and Wearable Art at OCAD University.

Barbara Fornssler is wary of biographical descriptions and takes the advice of Thomas Zummer on the matter: every bio-graphic statement is an image or representation. In this light, Barbara holds a Media and Communications PhD from the European Graduate School and is a writer based in Saskatoon. With a minor in dramatic studies, her most recent work questions motioning as performative intervention to explore the emergence of identity as an affective embodied practice.