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Selected Publications

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Conference Presentations

Smith, S. & Fornssler, B. (2013, May). Gait surfing and the musical matrixial: Control and agency in the age of networked labour. Presented at the International Association for the study of Popular Music (Canada) Conference, Hamilton, CA.

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Smith, S., & Fornssler, B. (2009, July). Nomads of the urban everyday: Gait surfing and micropolitics. Presented at the International Sociology of Sport Association Conference, Utrecht, NL.


Artist Talks

October 31, 2014. “Kinoderm Abrasion: Some Experiments in the Non-,” Digital Media Zone, Ryerson University.

July 10, 2014. “Raindrop Study: Notes on Micropolitics,” part of Models, Machines and Memories, Deleuze Camp, Istanbul, Turkey.

September 22, 2011. “Identity and Fatigue: Some Refractions on Process and Memory,” part of the Art in the Public Sphere lecture series hosted by the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario.