Compass (with apologies to Bruce Nauman)

Compass (with apologies to Bruce Nauman)


Idea for a Conceptual Art Project, No.22:

1. Stage lights are hung from the ceiling in a grid-like formation.

2. The array of lights is programmed to illuminate the artist primarily from the back side, such that a shadow is thrown forward in front of the body.

3. The artist walks in the direction of the shadow.

4. Using certain chance elements in the lighting program the intensity of the luminescent field slowly modulates. The shadow begins to “come around” the side of the artist’s body, such that the magnitude and direction of the thrown shadow vector is continually in flux. A topological architecture of light is created.

5. The artist also modulates course and continues to walk toward the direction of the shadow, not allowing its magnitude to become overly shortened (or captured).

6. The artist’s head is bowed, looking straight ahead toward the shadow at all times. A camera affixed to a pair of glasses captures what the artist sees while tracking the moving shadow. The video from this camera is played live on a projection screen and also serves as documentation of the performance.