Channel Surf


Join us from June 14-27, 2015 for a creative experiment—a paddling arts residency, floating school and ambulant atelier that canoes and camps 200km up the Rideau Canal waterway from Kingston to Ottawa: Channel Surf.

Each day we will rigorously travel, create and co-communicate by assuming the metaphor of canal as information channel, and ourselves as data packets negotiating this passage—almost like floating between two channels on an old analog TV set and perceiving both images at the same instant.

Some questions to investigate: How do we enact a disciplined practice of paddling on the water and an open practice of creation on land? How do we safely blur the boundaries between the two? How do we respect and honour the multiple histories of land and water that describe the journey? How do we practice an ethics of passage and a care for the event? How do we introduce a subtle noise to this information channel we traverse?

Plus so many more . . .

Channel Surf is “an event for the making”. By this we mean that the curators propose a certain “program” to launch our journey on this “information channel”. After that we will collaboratively and dynamically create and recreate the ways we engage the experimental and embodied “data” metaphor within this ecology—before “anarchiving” the event at Gallery 101 in Ottawa.


Rebecca Anweiler, Jesse Carlson, Vanessa Daws, Anne Fauteux, Barbara Fornssler, Jessica Gawthrop, Hannah Hopewell, Mike Hornblow, Danielle Jeancart, Jimmie Kilpatrick, Yasmine Louis, Georgia Mathewson, Rebecca Noone, CĂ©line Pereira, Jaclyn Pryor, Safiya Randera, Reza Rezai, Vanessa Rieger, Susan Ruddick, Matthew Sametz, Anuta Skrypnychenko, Megan Smith, Sean Smith, Anne Steves, Len Steves, Alanna Thain, April Vannini, Anique Vered and Leanne Zacharias.