Cottage University III

This event was the third of our Cottage University series, a themed off-grid research-creation residency that brings together an intimate group north of Kingston, Ontario for 6 days of making, moving and thinking. Following “Aesthetics, Ethics and Hospitality” in 2012 and “Topology and Immanence” in 2013, this year’s event was themed “Energetics and Assembly”.

The questions of energy, assembled community, praxis, stress and containment were prominent as both lived experience and theoretical concern, with every activity over the course of the residency continually folding emergent threads back into the dynamics suggested by the thematics. We began blindly in an abandoned 450,000 sq.ft manufacturing plant before shocking the system along a portal to our off-grid nature retreat. The library contained readings by Barad, Butler, Crary, Deleuze, Stengers and Williams/Srnicek — these existed not as objects of knowledge to be mastered but rather as catalytic enzymes for our micropolitical processes of creation-that-emerged. We tasted energetics and used smell for assembly and moved with thought, along with so much more.



Juliana Pivato, Susan Ruddick, Leanne Zacharias, Melissa Daly-Buajitti, Kate Goodwin, April Warn-Vannini, Barb Fornssler and Sean Smith.


Event Library (A Latticework)

Continuing with our interest in different pedagogical machines we ask the following of everyone: 1) prepare any TWO of these readings of your choosing as well as you possibly can; 2) give a “blind read” treatment to TWO of your choosing, which is to say get the title, abstract, skim text very lightly, grab keywords, google author, etc; and 3) ignore the other TWO altogether (try really hard).

Everyone decides for themselves which of these are which — and then at the Cottage we will develop lattices and elasticities to see how the affinities come together for weaving, entangling and (re)constructing meaning. Propositions welcome.

In alphabetical order, the choices:

1. Karen Barad, “Diffractions: Differences, Contingencies, and Entanglements That Matter,” in Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics & the Entanglement of Matter & Meaning, 2007, 71-96.

2. Judith Butler, “Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street,” September 2011, European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies.

3. Jonathan Crary, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, 2013, 91-128.

4. Gilles Deleuze, “Occupy Without Counting: Boulez, Proust and Time,” in Two Regimes of Madness, 2007, 297-304.

5. Isabelle Stengers, “The Event from its Own Standpoint?,” in Thinking with Whitehead: A Free and Wild Creation of Concepts, 2011, 185-200.

6. Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek, “#Accelerate: Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics,” 2013. [Optional extra: McKenzie Wark's response, "#Celerity: A Critique of the Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics," 2013.]