I Got The Clap


“… the art of engendering participation in a micropolitics of musicality.”


invitation keywords: Guattari, schizopolitics, listening, rhythm, event, workshop, playshop, swarm, contagion, exhaustion, asignifying, lowered barriers, technics, transduction, pedagogy, walking, touch.



minutes and propositions: welcome and fabulated introductions; hashtags and book titles; structures and flows (zeroes and ones, with a ternary operator floating against time); group discussion of brian holmes’ essay “guattariā€™s schizoanalytic cartographies: or, the pathic core at the heart of cybernetics“; lunch; I.GOT.THE.CLAP: fingerpads feel the windowpane and come to the other side of the looking glass; light shower and rainstorm clapping; blind clapping series (synchronized to slowed tempo to arrhythmic); rhythms of silence (un)clapping; simple symphony series (sighted and blind orchestration, free movement); quartile harmonics; mirrored gesture network; simple symphony return (“bending” instruments to relational encounter); computational clapping (red string bindings, open and closed systems); inconclusion.


evental keywords: kairotic time, child, play, coffee, group subject, potluck, schiz, recombination, pianissimo, score, fragility, cigarettes, smile, asignifying, encounter.




Random continuities:

Intensity begets assembly, begets community; intensity’s drawing.

Affective intensity attracts the assembly we’ve called community.

Temporary, a momentary traject-ING, cohabit inflection point, event-ING. Its decomposition begets superposition-ING as arise-ING affinities call. To assemble and diss – the flux of ex-change. Contaminant molecules reorder-ING, re:energized.

Affective politics in the social. Change is cultivated via micro-intensities that propagate, magnify the intensity, ripple. Ripple is the assemblage, cascading as a movement called change. Change is the degree of moment-ing, a disjunctive then wit(h)ness to change. Disjunctive is waited evidence.

Borders totalize while they tantalize. Community is not totalization for homogenation, rather is a total tantalization for recombinant generation.