Gait Surfing II

Gait surfing is proposed as an everyday life practice and/or event in which we haptically “ride” flows of pedestrian traffic as a political response to the optical, individualizing aspects of ubiquitous cameras and gait-based detection and surveillance methods. More information may be found at Gait Surfing I.

Study Number Two: Kalverstraat, Amsterdam, 07.25.2010, 16:45


sight lines crisscross, crossfade into
exaggerated forensic muscle.

body stereoed,
flesh pollination
of thickening agents
in the urban channel.

colourful koi fish nibble traces of my bastard image
along cobblestone stagery.

digital clean stays the
current hygiene, no matter the decay
that foreplays in the
foldings of its skin.

cut through the wash.

i love that function of you
on the rivermade of my newsfeed,
just like i still love those
other traces that remain of you, too.


Amsterdam Surf
What does left hip see coming?
Bodies in motion –
Movement begets tide.
A tiding
come to pass, in the most beloved of cities – always resonant, never past.

Dropping form to flow freely – halt there.
Seek opening in the ever-forming relational pools of people
exhibiting passings and to slide—–skip-off, amongst movement’s cast.

Wave directs surf,
the carve is only so much, so brief an agency.

Where then, do we ‘locate’ in-movement?
In the still? No… measure wave?

… … —- … —- —- —- ____ …

Residual passings felt as passing
respondent body,
the corporeal retort to presence.

Our touch of Being felt most keenly,
revealed in relational sweep –
wave as surface, pushed to outer boundary (and part of that push is perhaps the surfer) – riding
the accelerant force of human-generated-flow.
Too many molecules is grinding friction – churn through the undercurrents.

Embodied: affectivity made play again.
restoring art’s movement in gesture.


That I am the constitution of the city,
as passerby snaps ‘Amsterdam’ from the full-boat perspective of canal,
I constitute the filling of the void for personae a la coffee shop – I Amster


uncanny sense of realizing mirror.
The stranger made fore or back, made ground!
Fantastic morphology, phantastic too
as city-specter swallows whole the visitor,
to re-produce itself as my architecture.

Stripped from self in the capture of image.
The image was captured there and in a flash (bulb)
my corporeal becomes
identity of personae
that is forevermore, IAmsterdam