ICQ (Inverted Cubofuturist Query)

See and be seen. Interpolate and interpellate. In an explicit gesture to Duchamp and the Russian Futurists, the Department of Biological Flow offers ICQ (Inverted Cubofuturist Query), a performance that reconsiders the question of tempo in public space and interrogates opportunities for movement in the contemporary vision machine.

Un-nude ascending a staircase.


1. Plug kinoderm tail appendage into faux kino-gait transcribing device.
2. Begin walking staircase. Ensure a steady rhythm.
3. Using surgical devices at hand (scissors, small garden shears, Japanese band saw, large BBQ knife), cut away from kinoderm while walking up stairs.
4. If gait slows down too much, cease cutting and resume steady rhythm.
5. The performance ends once the artist has cut free from the kinoderm and fled the gaze.