NASA (New Analog Space Anticipation)

The moiré — as a spacing operation of grids laid upon one another — is not the same as Deleuze and Guattari’s smooth space emerging or escaping from the limits of striation, nor is it the same as the holey space that connects the striated and smooth via declination or vortical movement. And yet its watered silk still offers us a hydraulic model to perceive — but only when we are in movement. When standing still the traces of the moiré’s interference pattern remain as afterimages, barely perceptible, though it has only come to life in the first place once we have as well: in movement. Rippling, shimmering: as we move with these grids our relation unfolds to suggest previously unseen contours and trajectories lying dormant within the metric machinery of these information ecologies.

The moiré shimmer ceases to have the orientation of a static object and is blurred to the entire relational field with a wearable “moiré skin” (dark insect mesh and white paper bodysuit) that moves interdimensionally between white gallery walls and hanging mesh screens.