Process Machine for Plant Activation (Homo generatus lepidopterae)



1. The two Department of Biological Flow particles will begin the process at opposite points on the circular orbit.

2. One particle begins walking around the circle counter-clockwise toward the other stationary particle, who holds the relay baton.

3. A camera will serve as the relay baton.

4. When the moving particle reaches the stationary particle it shall bump the stationary particle into motion along the same orbital trajectory.

5. The baton shall be passed backwards each time two particles collide.

6. The orbital velocity shall increase with each revolution until both particles are in motion, at varying speeds.

7. Once both particles are in motion the orbital velocity for either particle may decelerate, so long as the overall energy in the system stays relatively constant (ie. if one particle slows to a walk, the other must accelerate to a run).

8. The performance ends when the plant has been activated.