Slow Fade (Nano Gait Surf)

Emerging as a companion piece to the 2009 work Natality (Ingrid), the Department of Biological Flow attempts to explore notions of temporality, relation, luxury and waste in a public performance operating on an exponential time signature. In Slow Fade (Nano Gait Surf) a life technique of research-creation unfolds over the course of hours at Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, involving philosophy readings, food and drink, costume manufacture and social time. Though a basic program has been written for the event in advance, the methods for manufacturing costumes and setting a tableau emerge in situ, relative to one another and the simple materials/found objects at hand. As night finally falls and the tempo accelerates, the two Department of Biological Flow members execute their own separation routine, tearing apart fibres and wires in the process. The sparks burn incandescently while the two gait surf into new orbits as slowly as possible on the fade to black.

Performance time: approximately 4.5 hours or 30 seconds.


(Inspired by Erin Manning’s ‘Stitching Time’ installation at the Sydney Biennale, Suely Rolnik’s essay ‘A New Smoothness?’, and Jason Rovito’s ‘Waste, Luxury, Knot’ seminar series. And a refracted network echo to Brian Massumi’s ‘philosophy squat’ on Cockatoo Island, Australia.)